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          • Hot Products

            Main push product introduction

          • Block Silicone Oil

            Good hydrophilic, fluffy smooth!

          • Amino Silicome Oil

            Environmentally friendly, low yellowing, good stability!

          • Soft Oil Softener

            Low foam, Easy to dissolve, Low yellowing

          • Biological Enzyme Series

            Clear pattern, Low stained blue low

          • Dye-resistant Series

            Strong detergency, to prevent staining

          • Fixing Agent Series

            Does not contain formaldehyde

          • Miscellaneous

            A comprehensive upgrade, so that the process is simple

          ABOUT US

               DaePer New Material Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in "cowboy washing agent", "ferment washing biological enzyme", "cowboy washing water staining series", "block silicone oil", "amino silicone oil", "soft oil", "wet rubbing fastness" and other products. Companies respect "steadfast, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good ...


          Daeper New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Phone:13926064960(Mr.Yang)   Tel:020-82318558   Fax:020-82318566
          Addr:No.1201, Hou He Building,No.77-1, Mid-Road of Zhong Shan Main Road,510510 Guang Zhou City, Guang Dong Province, P.R.China.   case number:粵ICP備111111號-1 Web Design : Znbo
          Main business: dyeing auxiliaries, finishing auxiliaries, silicone oil, pilling agent, leather auxiliaries, other agents, fixing agent
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